Óscar Soriano

Fundador y CEO Play the Game


I have a wide experience both in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship and project management.
I started with responsibility projects at Cárnicas González (quite an experience) and really at GAES as Director of Advertising and Sponsorship for 5 years; Currently the brand awareness is very high; But in 2000, when I landed, practically no one knew her.

Since 2017 I started a new project that absorbs me but motivates me in equal parts … PLAY THE GAME. An agency / consultant specialized in esports & gaming; the present to RELEVANTly connect with new audiences. We have worked with clients like NIKE, BURGER KING, DANONE, CITROEN, CHUPA CHUPS, among others.

I continue to be an advisory with LA LÍNEA, a non-traditional marketing agency, with a portfolio of very interesting projects carried out for clients of all sizes.

Not all are successes, I have also been unable to raise other projects, such as Exclusive Tourist … But this is the business world; however what I learned was a real Master.

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